Below are a list of common Student Rights Issues

Notice of Referral and Hearing (NoRH)

I have been sent a Notice of Referral and Hearing saying that an academic progress committee may exclude me from Monash University. What should I do?
You need to take action immediately. Student Rights and Support are available to assist you through this process. 


What should I do if I receive a letter notifying me that I have been summoned to a disciplinary hearing?
There are many different categories of disciplinary action, and we can guide you through the process.

Census Date

In order to discontinue a unit without academic + financial penalties, you must do so before the Census Date. 

Refund & Reversal of Loan Debt

Am I eligible to apply for a refund/reversal of loan debt for the cost of a unit I have failed?
We can advise you of the special circumstances necessary for a refund/reversal, and assist you in the application.

Exams + Suspected Exam Cheating

What can I bring into my exams and where can I go for help with special consideration?
We provide a checklist to ensure you are fully aware of the exam protocol.

Grievances: Complaints

What should I do if I think I have been treated unfairly by a Monash process or staff member?
We can assist you through this process and assist you in identifying your options.

Withdrawn Incomplete

Am I able to convert my fail grade to a Withdrawn Incomplete, so that it won’t count towards my GPA calculation?
We can advise you on your eligibility for a Withdrawn Incomplete grade based on your individual circumstances.


What can I do if I don’t think my results for a semester are correct?
We will let you know who you need to contact to gain further information about your assessment or exam results.

Special Consideration: Extensions & Deferred exams

How do I apply for special consideration for an assessment or an exam?
We can let you know if you are eligible for special consideration and go through the application process with you.

Early Warning Letters

What should I do if I receive an Early Warning Letter after failing a unit?
Make an appointment with us as soon as possible to ensure you take every step to avoid any further disciplinary action.

Click Here for Early Warning Letter Information Sessions

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