Keen on some discounts, freebies and exclusive opportunities? Yes please. 

Becoming a MONSU Member is free + easy!

MONSU Membership gives you the opportunity to get more involved with your university experience through a range of fun and free programs, activities and services, plus gets you access to a bunch of discounts just for you. 

Think free food, volunteer opportunities, running for student council and club positions, just to name a few! By becoming a member of MONSU Caulfield, you’re enhancing the representation of Undergraduate Students at Monash Caulfield and improving your student experience with your voice and input, as well as maximising the potential of your student experience at Monash.

How do I become a member? 

  1. Click Log In at the top-right corner of this page

  2. Click Log In under the STUDENTS heading

  3. Log in with your Monash Student Details

  4. Welcome to MONSU Caulfield! You’re now a member


Benefits of becoming a member...

  • Free and easy sign-up

  • Benefits, discounts and offers from local partners.
    Sign up as a MONSU Member and log in now to view our current offers. 

  • Join MONSU Clubs + Societies

  • Volunteer with the MONSU Crew 

  • Access to free food on campus

  • Exclusive newsletter updates

  • Opportunity to run and vote in Student Union elections

  • Support the representation of Caulfield Undergraduate students by attending Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings


How can I prove I’m a member?

Some offers and discounts will only be available to redeem in person. Don’t have a physical M-Pass or Monash Student ID? No worries! We’re in the works to get a digital membership card launched ASAP, but in the meantime, you can still come and collect your 2023 Membership Sticker from the MONSU Workshop service desk (Building S, Level 2), and stick it to another form of ID card that has your name on it.



Want to provide an offer to Caulfield students in 2024? 

Get in touch at to have a chat with us.

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