What to do if you need an extension.

Student Rights + Support can provide advice on what to include in your application.

Short Extension
If you are experiencing short-term difficult circumstances, you can apply online for a 2 calendar days extension for each unit assessment except for an in-class test, mid-semester test or final scheduled assessment. 

  • You can only apply once for a short extension for each eligible unit assessment. If you require a longer extension you will have to apply for special consideration.
  • You do not have to give a reason for your first short extension application for the unit. For subsequent short extension applications in the same unit you will have to provide a reason. The same applies for all units.
  • Applications can be submitted as soon as possible but no later than 11.55pm on the day your assessment is due.  

For more information and to apply online click here: https://www.monash.edu/students/admin/assessments/extensions-special-consideration 

Special Consideration (Extensions longer than 2 days) 
Exceptional Circumstances include:

  • a serious medical condition

  • loss or bereavement

  • family relationship breakdown

  • hardship or trauma

  • obligations to military, jury or emergency services

  • students registered with the Monash Elite Student Performer Scheme
    student carers

  • religious or other cultural obligations

  • financial/employment issues

  • Covid 19 diagnosis

  • other exceptional circumstances.

Supporting evidence requirements
You must provide written supporting evidence, which can include a statutory declaration or statements from a member of police, social worker, doctor, lawyer or counsellor. 

If you are submitting a medical certificate to support your exam application, it must state that you were ‘unfit to sit an exam’ and be dated on or before the date of the exam. For other assessments, medical certificates dated on or before the due date need to state the words that you were ‘unfit to complete work for assessment’.

Students registered with Disability Support Services (DSS) 
You will not have to provide supporting documents or a reason for your application if your registration is approved for flexible deadlines except if your application is for more than 10 calendar days or for an extension that goes beyond the end of the teaching period. 

Application for in-semester assessments 
Applications for extensions can be made prior to the due date of the assessment task or by no later than 11.55pm on the assessment due date.

Application for deferred exams 
You can submit an early application for a deferred exam after the release of the exam timetable or apply no later than 11.55pm on the set exam date.

For more information and to apply online click here:

Application for a rescheduled deferred exam
Once you have been granted a deferred exam or assessment, you can apply to reschedule a deferred final assessment task on one further occasion if you meet one of the criteria below:

  1. You have an ongoing disability, which you have registered with Monash Disability Support Services.
  2. The circumstances for which you were granted a deferred exam or assessment, are unresolved.
  3. You have extreme circumstances beyond your control 

Applications must be made no later than 11.55pm on the assessment or exam due date.

How will you know if it has been granted? 
You will receive an email informing you of the outcome regarding a deferred exam or an assessment extension. An interim grade of DEF or WH (withheld) will appear against the unit if you have been granted a deferred exam or alternative assessment task. 

What if the unit is a prerequisite unit?
If you receive a DEF or WH result, this could affect prerequisite requirements and your unit choice for next semester. Contact your faculty for further information.   

What can I do if my application is rejected?
If your application is rejected it is advised that you make an appointment with Student Rights + Support.


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