What appeal options are available if the University has excluded you?

Contact MONSU Student Rights + Support for advice on appealing the decision.  

What is exclusion? 
Exclusion is when Monash University ceases your enrolment. 

Why have I been excluded? 
You have been excluded because the faculty isn’t satisfied that you can complete your course within the maximum course duration or you are unable to meet a compulsory course requirement. 

Can I re-enrol ?at Monash University??
You can apply for admission at any time and your application will be considered according to normal selection criteria and in competition with other applicants.

I am an International Student — who can provide Visa advice??
Monash Connect can provide advice about how exclusion affects your Visa.

Can I still access Monash services??
You are still able to access services such as MONSU Student Rights + Support, Monash Connect, and Monash Health and Counselling Services for up to 20 university working days after you are excluded or up until your appeal is determined.

In addition, your faculty can assist you with any enquiries. 

Where can I study after exclusion?
There are many study options available to you after exclusion. For more information regarding other institutions and courses available in Victoria, please visit: http://www.vtac.edu.au/

Appeal to the Exclusions Appeal Panel (EAP)
If you submitted a response to the Academic Progress Committee, you can appeal a faculty decision to exclude you from your course, but only on limited grounds. These grounds are:

  • New evidence that was not reasonably available to you at the time of the APC Hearing 
  • Procedural irregularity

Application to the Dean for reconsideration
If you did not submit a response to the Academic Progress Committee  you can apply for your exclusion to be reconsidered by the faculty Dean. You must show exceptional circumstances as to why you did not submit a response by the due date.

How long do I have to appeal an exclusion? 
Your appeal must be submitted within 20 University working days of the deemed delivery date of your exclusion letter. If your exclusion appeal is dismissed this means you will remain excluded. 

We recommend you continue to attend classes if you have an appeal pending. 

For support and advice on how to appeal an exclusion, contact Student Rights + Support: studentrights@monsu.org


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