What to do if you believe you’ve been treated unfairly by a Monash process or staff member.

What is a complaint?
A statement (verbal or written) in which you express your dissatisfaction with a particular situation.

How do I make a complaint? 
You can make a complaint by following the complaint stages. Before you can proceed to the next stage of the complaint process, you need to have attempted to resolve the issue at the stage prior unless there’s a compelling reason not to do so.

Stage 1: Informal direct complaint 
You can raise your concern verbally or in writing either with the staff member directly, or another staff member in the same department. 

Stage 2: Informal escalated complaint 
If your complaint was not resolved at stage 1, you can direct your complaint either in writing or face-to-face to a senior staff member responsible for the unit, course or service, e.g. a chief examiner or course director. 

Stage 3: Formal complaint and investigation
If your complaint has not been resolved through stages 1 or 2, you may lodge a stage 3 complaint online. This is a formal, written request for resolution and involves a formal investigation by complaints officers who have no previous involvement in the complaint.

Support Person
You can be accompanied and assisted by a support person at any meeting or consultation and can contact Student Rights + Support for advice. 

How long do I have to lodge a formal complaint?
You are expected to lodge the complaint as soon as possible to the date of the event and no later than six months after the event. Where the complaint relates to a unit taught over a period longer than six months, it must be lodged within six months of the event or four weeks from the release of results for that unit, whichever is later. 

When will I know the outcome of my formal complaint?
You will receive an email within 20 working days of lodging the complaint.

What should your formal complaint include? 
Your complaint should include: 

  • a chronological and factual statement of events 
  • what you have done so far to resolve your concern 
  • the relevant university policy, guidelines or rules that apply to your situation 
  • the impact on your studies and wellbeing
  • your desired outcome

You should provide copies of relevant documents and correspondence. 

If your complaint is not resolved at the stage 3 level, you can request an internal review by the University Student Ombudsman. If you are not satisfied with the internal review, you can request an external review by the State Ombudsman.

Providing Feedback

If you wish to provide feedback without seeking a resolution you should follow stages 1 and 2 and make clear that you are providing feedback. 

Making an anonymous complaint
Anonymous complaints are managed differently. Contact Student Rights + Support for advice. 

For further questions and advice: 

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W: www.monsu.org/srs/


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