Student Rights and Support is a free, confidential service provided by MONSU. 

Your Student Rights Officers, Jenny and Mawa, are independent of the University and employed by the student union to provide support and advice to undergraduate students. We explain Monash University policies and procedures and detail options for students to consider.

Contact us when you need advice, referral or advocacy.

We support students at Caulfield, Peninsula and City campuses.

We provide assistance via:

  • Face-to-face appointments
  • Telephone appointments
  • Email communication

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As part of the Academic Progress process, some students will receive from the university a Notice of Unsatisfactory Progress (NoUP) and will be allocated a level 1 – 3. 

If you receive an NoUP we recommend that you contact Student Rights + Support for independent and confidential advice. Student Rights Officers are professional staff who are very experienced at providing support to students. We can explain the Academic Progress process and provide advice on how to respond to the university according to your individual circumstances. 

For information on level 1 – 3 and on how to fill out the Academic Progress forms, click on this link.

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