The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) was introduced by the government under the Higher Education Legislation Amendment (Student and Amenities) Act 2012 to support student services.

Each student pays a yearly SSAF fee for student services that will be charged to your HECS. This money is collected by the university and distributed between various student service providers at Monash. SSAF is not a compulsory student unionism fee, because the money does not go directly to Student Unions. 

In 2015, the total SSAF money was distributed according to the allocation principles approved by the Monash University Council. 

40% of the total SSAF money was divided amongst the six Monash Student Organizations: 

MONSU - Caulfield
MPA - Postgraduate 
MSA - Clayton
MONSU - Peninsula
MUBS - Berwick
MPSA - Parkville 

20% of the total SSAF money was allocated to student-initiated projects. 

17% of the total SSAF money was allocated to funding initiatives such as student health and welfare services. 

The remaining amount is distributed for emergency student grants, campus-based events, and improving student facilities. 

MONSU Caulfield believes that a student union run by students and for students has the best understanding of how to serve our members. 

Despite the increasing number of students enrolled at Caulfield, our funding from the university has not increased. Unfortunately, this impacts our ability to guarantee the best experience for each and every Caulfield students. 

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