The Workshop now offers vinyl printing services for all your sticker needs from product labels to wayfinding signage. We produce high quality, full colour, custom printed vinyl stickers in any shape or size. Although we can provide a fast turnaround for most stickers, please note this service is not on the spot. 


Artwork Setup

When setting up your work, ensure you have the following:
Format: Save the file as an .EPS (Illustrator or InDesign).
Text: Outline all fonts (or provide the Typeface).
Images: Flatten all images at 300dpi.
Layout: Sufficient 5–10mm space between stickers.
Trim Line: A vector-based solid line indicating where the printer will cut (place this on a separate layer).
Bleed: If there is a coloured or filled background, at least 3mm bleed is required. Make sure the background extends to the bleed margin—this ensures a clean cut.


If the job requires vinyl cutting, please specify which:
Kiss Cut: Stickers are cut but remain attached to the backing sheet (a sticker sheet).
Die Cut: The sticker is completely punched out of the sheet into its desired shape (an individual sticker).
Decals: Stickers without backgrounds. Our machine can cut vinyl alone without printing ink. You will commonly see this applied as letters or graphics on surfaces (e.g. Exhibition text displayed at galleries).


Specify what type of material/sticker that is required:
White Vinyl: The most popular choice for sticker printing. Our white vinyl is used for labels, packaging, signage, graphic displays and many more!
Clear Vinyl: Our clear vinyl allows you to see through when applied onto surfaces. Colour printed clear stickers on a dark surface do not stand out due its own transparent nature. We offer a white ink process which can be applied underneath to colour correct; and avoid severe bleaching of the colours.


For quotes, please specify the information below:
Dimensions: Size of the sticker(s)
Quantity: Amount required.
Cutting: Specify if the job requires a ‘Kiss’ and/or ‘Die Cut’
Screenshot: Provide an image of your work—this helps us visualise the job requirements.
Artwork File: Save the file as an .EPS and attach it to the email.
Due Date: When do you need the artwork finished?
Contact Details: Provide a phone number incase we need to call for file fix-ups!

Turnaround Time

We do not print stickers on the spot. Below are the turnaround times that you can expect; after your work has been quoted and confirmed for production: 
Small jobs: From A5–A2 to allow at least 2 days after confirmation of quote for turnaround.
Large jobs: From A2+ to allow at least 3 days after confirmation of quote for turnaround.


For more information, please get in touch:

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