Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Caulfield campus community! 

There are four types of clubs on the Caulfield Campus: Registered Clubs, Affiliated Clubs, Incorporated Clubs and Guest Clubs. All clubs must begin as a Registered Club.

Applying to become a Registered Club or society

This is a trial period that helps new clubs to develop and grow without the hassle of lots of paperwork. After the Registered Club has been in existence for 12 months and has over 30 members, they can apply to become an Affiliated Club.

To apply to become a Registered Club you will need to complete the Caulfield Registered Club Application Form. Please submit this form to your Clubs Officer at

Your clubs officer will discuss the application process with you and you will be contacted by the MONSU Student Council to let you know of the outcome of your application. 

Applying to RENEW a Club or society

Below we have a list of clubs that need renewal, and are awaiting a fresh team of enthusiastic
executive members to resume their operations. If you aren’t sure about starting an entirely new club, this could be the option for you. Some of these clubs have a rich history on campus, and you could be a part of it!

If you are interested in either option, visit us at Level 3, Building S or email:


  • Business School Broadcasting
  • Caulfield Arts Society 
  • Financial Management Association of Australia 
  • Monash Accounting Students’ Association


  • Hong Kong Students’ Society
  • Australian Union of Jewish Students 
  • Monash Thai Association 

Special Interest

  • MMJ Dance 
  • Monash Caulfield Debating Club 
  • Monash Chinese Debating Team 
  • Monash Electronic Games Association 
  • Monash Entrepreneurs Club 
  • TedxMonash University 
  • UNIT (University Network for Investing and Trading)
  • Zoover 


  • Campus Christian Movement 


Need More Info?

For further information on MONSU Clubs, please contact the Clubs Officer at

Please note that all sporting clubs are affiliated with Monash Sport and not MONSU Caulfield. For more information on sporting clubs at both the Caulfield and Peninsula campuses, please contact Kris McCarthy at