Applying to become a Registered Club

This is a trial period that helps new clubs to develop and grow without the hassle of lots of paperwork. After the Registered Club has been in existence for 12 months and has over 30 members, they will automatically become an Affiliated Club.

To apply to become a Registered Club you will need to complete the Caulfield Registered Club Application Form. Please submit this form to your Clubs Coordinator at 

Your Clubs Coordinator will discuss the application process with you and you will be contacted by the MONSU Student Council to let you know of the outcome of your application. 

Need More Info?

For further information on MONSU Clubs, please contact the Clubs Coordinator at

Please note that all sporting clubs are affiliated with Monash Sport and not MONSU Caulfield. For more information on sporting clubs at both the Caulfield and Peninsula campuses, please contact Kris McCarthy at