The MONSU CREW program allows students to become engaged members of the Monash Caulfield community. Our CREW enjoy opportunities for professional and personal development as well as the chance to meet fellow students and have a break from their studies. 

Below you will find the roles and responsibilities we hope to have up and running in 2021. We would love you to register your interest and as the changing regulations around COVID (and life) evolve we can keep in contact with you. Please do not apply for every role. Limit your application to two roles that are of interest.

Committed MONSU Crew will be officially thanked and recognised for their time and effort at the end of each semester. Check out the full role descriptions below.

  1. Join MONSU Membership (simply log in as a student): Make sure you collect your MONSU membership sticker from The Workshop level 2, Building S, when you are able to return to campus.

  2. NOW apply to be part of MONSU Crew CLICK HERE! 

MONSU Crew Roles

Events Crew

The Events Crew help support the Activities Officers in organising and delivering all MONSU activities and events to meet the needs of Caulfield students. This includes major on-campus events, small activities and online events such as:

  • Free Food Events (Mid-Week Meet, weekly) 

  • O-Fest (Orientation)

  • Safe n' Sexy Week (SnS Party) 

  • After Exams Party (AXP) 

  • Monash run events at Caulfield Campus (Summerfest/ Winterfest) 

  • Biggest Morning Tea 

As an Events Crew member, you will create memorable experiences, have a lot of fun but most importantly meet new lifelong friends. 


Education Crew

The Education Crew is responsible for representing students' academic needs to the Education Officer, who can then table these issues to people within the University. Further, Education is part of running several key events throughout the year, including:

  • Education-based Campaigns

  • CENSUS Week

  • Food Handouts (Breakfast Club) 

  • Exam Help Desk 

Education needs a diverse and collaborative team to ensure MONSU is best representing the needs of all students under our care.


Overseas Student Services (OSS) Crew 

The OSS Crew are responsible for representing the needs and concerns of all Caulfield international students to the OSS Officer, who can bring these forward to MONSU then the University. OSS Crew have the opportunity to work closely with the OSS Officer and cultural clubs to run events and initiatives such as:

  • Migration Seminar 

  • Campaigns around issues that affect International Students 

  • Collaboration with other Crew roles

  • Cultural Events

The OSS Officer needs passionate Crew members to represent the voice of our international cohort at Caulfield campus.


Welfare Crew

The Welfare Crew work closely with the Education Crew offering a holistic approach to the wellbeing of every student. Crew members will be required to assist with key events such as:

  • Breakfast Club (every Tuesday morning in the Student Lounge) 

  • Food For Thought (weekly) 

  • Stress Less Day

  • RUOK Day

The Welfare Officer is committed to easing those non-academic struggles that students may face on a daily basis. We are looking for Crew members with a passion to help others.


Women’s Crew

The Women’s Crew will work alongside the Women’s Officer, who is here to help foster a safe and inclusive environment on campus, that empowers women and acts as an advocate for their voices, rights and identities. 

The Women’s Crew are involved in events and initiatives such as:

  • Safe n’ Sexy Week

  • Campaigning on behalf of women around equity, equality, discrimination and health

  • Raising awareness of issues around gender equality 

  • Supporting events from other portfolios

Women’s Crew members are enthusiastic about creating an inclusive and welcoming community for everyone on campus.


Queer Crew 

The Queer Crew are responsible for making queer-identifying and questioning students feel comfortable on campus and feel a part of the MONSU Queer community. The Queer Crew have a role in organising and running events and initiatives such as:

  • Queer Beers 

  • This is Me Campaign

  • Safe n' Sexy Week 


  • Queer Lounge

Working closely with the Queer Officers, the Queer Crew helps represent the needs of Queer Students to MONSU and the University. 


MONSU Tax Help Crew

Need help lodging your Tax Return? Want to become a Tax Helper? All Tax Helpers are trained by the Australian Tax Office, this is a great opportunity to upskill, learn and build your resume. The program runs from the 1st of July to the 31th of October each year. We ask our Tax Help Crew to commit to a minimum 3 hours every week.


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