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Here at BSB, you will be presented with endless opportunities to enrich your university experience. BSB specialises in producing high quality media content with themes running from business to personal development. The Student Financial News program is our most successful extra-curricular activity to date! Led by a staff-student team, you get to be part of our production process of curriculum videos. From script writing to video editing, be empowered to hone your talents and develop career-critical skills! Come 2020, we’ve prepared a whole list of new events. Share some fun with us as we visit high schools across Melbourne to promote financial literacy or flex your muscles with our Fitness + Finance program. As the newest Monash start-up, we are on a mission to help ordinary students find value at university through our striking programs, peer support as well as personalised mentorship from our passionate staff team. You’ll find plenty of space to learn, explore and grow. Be inspired and get involved with us! (ps. you don't have to be a business student to join the club, all are welcome!)