Where on campus can we hold an event?

Clubs are able to hold an event anywhere on campus that you can get a booking! MONSU itself manages the following spaces that are available for clubs to book for free:

  • The Ramler Room (S Building Level 3)
  • The Common Lounge (S Building Level 2)
  • The Student Lounge (S Building Level 2)
  • Clubs Resource Room (S Building Level 2)

If you’d like to book one of these spaces, you need to contact the MONSU Workshop. You are able to tentatively book the space via email or over the phone, however your booking will not be confirmed until you submit a completed Function Fact Sheet.

If you’re looking to book any other space at Caulfield campus, you will need to book through Monash University Venues. You will need to complete their Venue Booking Request Form roughly two weeks prior to your event to ensure they can process your request. Make sure you submit the form under your club email to get the booking for free, otherwise you’ll be invoiced!

What is a SARAH and how do I complete it?

Monash University has made it a requirement for clubs to have submitted an Event Risk Management Plan through their Safety and Risk Assessment Hub (SARAH) before holding an event.

This is a pretty extensive process so we’ve created a SARAH Cheat Sheet for you to follow. Make sure to submit one two weeks before your event just in case you need to resubmit.

How can I promote my event?

The easiest way to promote an event is through your social media or by emailing your members. You can also promote your event by putting up posters around campus. If you would like to do this, you must get your poster approved by the MONSU Workshop otherwise the posters will be taken down. Refer to the MONSU Poster Policy when designing your poster so that it’s acceptable to be on campus.

How do I sell tickets online?

We can set up an Eventbrite link for you to sell tickets online. In order to do that, email the Clubs Coordinator with the following details:

  • Event Title
  • Location
  • Event Date
  • Start and End Times
  • Event Description
  • Ticket Tiers and Prices
  • Ticket Numbers (eg. 50 general admission, 50 members tickets)
  • Ticket Sale Dates
  • Whether you'd like to absorb the Eventbrite fee or pass that on to students.
  • Any discount code you’d like to use

How do I borrow equipment?

Clubs can borrow a PA system, Projector, BBQ, Microphones, Beanbags, and an EFTPOS Machine through the MONSU Workshop. If you would like to borrow one of these, make sure to fill out the Equipment Hire section of the Function Fact Sheet and hand it in to the MONSU Workshop well in advance to ensure you have the booking. There are over 40 clubs and only 1 of many of the items so try and be organised!