The videos and documents provided on this page will help you to understand the APC process and what steps you need to take to continue in your course in 2018.

We highly recommend you attend one of our APC information sessions (dates to be confirmed). If you cannot attend you should watch the videos and read the documents posted on this page, as they will assist you to understand the APC process.

Once you have attended a session or have watched the videos you are able to email your prepared response form, statement and supporting documents to for feedback before submitting to your faculty. 

Please provide us with a copy of your results from WES to review in conjunction with your response form (you are not required to submit a copy of your results to your faculty).

*Please note our service will be closed from 20 December 2017 - 9 January 2018. Our office will reopen 10 January 2018. Student Rights Officers will be answering emails only from 2 January - 9 January 2018. Please send all emails to

Academic Progress Committee Videos


Helpful Documents

Student Rights + Support APC Information Presentation

APC Information Sessions 2017/18

Letter Template

A letter template to help you compose your response for the Notice of Referral and Hearings.

Counselling and Mental Health programs at Monash


Library and Learning skills programs at Monash


Monash Connect and international student visa information and support


English Connect


Academic Progress: Hearing Hints

What should I do to prepare for my Academic Progress Hearing?
We can prepare you for your hearing and attend the hearing with you as your support person.


Academic Progress: Exclusion

What should I do if the University has excluded me from my Faculty?
We can advise you of your options for academic rehabilitation and appealing the decision.



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