At MONSU Caulfield, we believe that the university experience goes beyond the routine of lectures, tutorials and assignments. We want to ensure that every student has an enjoyable and memorable time at university. MONSU Caulfield boasts over 20 clubs and societies who operate on campus. Our variety of clubs and societies include academic, cultural, special interest and spiritual clubs.

Joining one of our many clubs and societies allows you to meet and interact with other students through the many social and professional events hosted. You may even wish to get involved in a club committee and help contribute to what makes our campus so great. Engagement with the clubs and societies is the perfect way to transition into university life outside of the classroom.

We strongly encourage you to get involved with our clubs and societies and make your experience at Monash University Caulfield an enjoyable and fullling one. 


Academic Clubs

Our academic clubs are a great way to complement your degree with networking events, internship opportunities and great parties!

Our academic clubs are run entirely by passionate students who are striving to excel. By joining one (or many) of our academic clubs, you will have the opportunity to learn from your peers, alumni, and professionals. You don’t have to be a member of that specific faculty to join our academic clubs; anyone can come along to their events, meet new people and make friends outside of your everyday classes.


Cultural Clubs

Our cultural clubs are run by passionate students who devote their time to celebrating and raising awareness of the many cultures that make up the Monash Caulfield community!

Our clubs will make you feel at home if you’re feeling a little homesick, and make you feel welcome if you’re interested in learning more about another culture. Joining one of our cultural clubs is the best way to build a support network and enhance your university experience, especially for international and interstate students who may have moved here on their own!


Special Interest Clubs

Our special interest clubs cater to almost every hobby and talent! These clubs are vital in bringing together a diverse range of people to share in a common interest and promote a healthy balanced lifestyle.

We are sure that you will find a club that shares in your passion whether it be for photography, dance, or k-pop! By getting involved with one of these clubs, you might even get the opportunity to showcase your talent at a MONSU or university run event on campus.


Spiritual Clubs

Our spiritual clubs offer a community of belonging not only within Monash, but within the wider community.

All our clubs welcome people of any faith, to share experiences and knowledge and encourage a interconnected and respectful community. We encourage you to go along to these club meetings or events, to join the community or simply to learn more. If one of our current clubs does not cater to your spiritual beliefs, we encourage you to have a chat to your Clubs Officer about starting a new club!

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MONSU.CAULFIELD Clubs + Societies Guide 2024